What you wanted to know about working with us – FAQ

Here’s a summary of steps you’d go through if you choose edeja:

  • Applying for a job

    Send your CV to careers-et-edeja.com

  • First contact

    If your qualifications match our needs, we’ll send you an email with date and time proposals for an interview with HR.

  • Interview with an HR

    Non-technical, informal interview with an HR – we talk about your motivation, experience, values, and practical matters (30-45 min).

  • Technical interview and meeting with the management

    You’d get more details about projects you’d be working on (info about the team, their way of work, and dynamics).

    We check your technical competence, talk about your previous experience in detail, we test your knowledge of basic concepts and your problem-solving abilities.

  • Decision-making process

    After the meeting, all the people involved in the interview process would gather around to make the final decision.

  • Final decision and feedback

    You receive personalized feedback – both positive and negative. No ghosting. 🙂

The next thing is the onboarding process. However, keep in mind that we’re flexible, we adapt to every person individually, and things aren’t always so formal.

A process like this should serve you as a guideline, to give you a sense of trust, routine, and safety in a new environment, but isn’t cast in stone.

How things usually look:

Approximately a week before your first day, you will receive an email to introduce you to your team and some additional info about the agenda.

On your first day, you’ll receive a warm welcome, introduction, your gear, and set-up of the office systems.

Everyone who starts at edeja is assigned a buddy, usually someone with some experience in edeja, with similar interests and personalities.

If you’ll work in the tech team, your buddy will also be from the tech team, so they can help you set up your computer and development environment.

In the afternoon, you’ll spend 2 hours with the HR team and meet your buddy. You’ll take part in presentations about the best practices of working at edeja,
our culture, benefits, and development opportunities.

During your first week, you’ll be properly introduced to the team and will be invited to the relevant Teams channels. You’ll learn about the processes and tools we use.

During your first month, you’ll probably start working on a client or internal project. You’ll get familiar with projects, tasks, and team goals.

After 3 months probation period, you’ll have a check-in meeting with Team Lead, where you’ll share and get feedback about your experience at edeja.

In essence, we listen, talk, and evaluate together.

  • We have a performance evaluation once per year that’s a combination of self-evaluation, evaluation from your team and your team lead.
  • We also hold meetings with management that serve the purpose of getting feedback, setting goals, and discussing job promotions.
  • Every 4 months, we have check-in meetings, to make sure we’re on the same page as to goals.
  • And on top of that, we have the “Upward Feedback Survey” (this allows you to give feedback to your managers) and the “Engagement Survey” (you tell us how you feel about working with us).