Tailor-made software for middle-sized and large enterprises

Every project is unique, and we find it amazing because only a custom product can become your total solution to digital and live business challenges.

Why choose us?

Finding in-house developers is a costly (and sometimes impossible) endeavor. First of all, it takes time and energy to find people because the top talent gets grabbed really quickly.

Your HR specialists spend hours on LinkedIn vetting people. Your projects stall. That costs money.

So why not go with a company that has a team of 20+ pre-vetted developers and save yourself time and money on recruiting and actual development?

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Dedicated Development Team

Hire a whole team that works exclusively on your project. It’s like hiring multiple developers, only without inevitable hiring costs.

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Custom Software Development

Share your idea and requirements with us, and get a bespoke software solution that meets your business goals.

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Web Application and Website Development

Harness our rich experience in delivering stable web solutions and presentations that encourage engagement and provide a rich user experience.

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Integrating professionals into your internal team

Fill in that free spot in your team with one of our software developers and get the expertise you need to finish that project.

Technologies we mostly use

To develop a successful project is to meet the ever changing market needs. Leverage reliable methodologies and best practices in development.

Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technology
Edeja technologies
Edeja technologies

How to tell whether edeja can provide you with the service you need?

If you find yourself in some of these statements, then you should contact us:

  • You currently don't have the expertise in a field/technology to deliver a project.
  • You have problems in sourcing and hiring talent.
  • You’d rather work with full teams and outsource your management.

Our work process

Honed through dozens of projects throughout the years

Need a software product?

The initial meeting where we discuss your business need.

Our recommendation

Solution and budget proposal.


We present project to the edeja team and define roles and responsibilities.

Design and Development

Defining processes, ticketing system and infrastructure. Development in sprint + regular update meetings.

Quality Assurance

Propose the QA approach for the product and develop ideal test plan.

Delivery and Support

Once we're develop your software, tested it and its's up and running, intellectual property rights will be transferred to you.

Industries we have experience in

Take a quick look at some of our projects and the methodologies behind them


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Tech Startups

6 projects

Develop your product with a trusted company today and save time and money along the way